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In 2014, my family and I sold everything to move into our RV and travel full-time. The kids were 6, 4, 4, and 2 at that time. We had no idea how we would make money on the road, but we knew we could figure it out (looking back, I’m not sure how we knew anything, but that’s for another day!). My husband was working at the time, but we couldn’t be 100% remote with his job. That meant I had five months to get my online business going so we could hit the road and live our dream of traveling full-time.

Since day one, I have known I wanted to have a travel blog that made us money. However, I was also told it would take years for that to happen, and back in 2014, I would say that was accurate. That meant I needed a different solution if I wanted a job that would pay our bills and allow my husband to stop working.

Enter what I call my bridge business (the business that would bring in enough money to live on while I built our travel blog): Virtual Powerhouse. It began as a Virtual Assistant business that lasted all of 2 months before I realized I did not like being anyone’s assistant and, from there, morphed into a Service Based Business where we offer Social Media, Email Marketing, and Pinterest support for small businesses. I hit my goal of reaching the income we needed for my husband to retire just five months in, and I have been running Virtual Powerhouse ever since. During that time, I also built our travel blog into a six-figure business but realized I liked running Virtual Powerhouse, so I decided to keep both going.

Throughout the years, I have run a Service-Based Business from a one-woman shop to having a team of people who work for me. I built our travel blog, spoke at conferences, and my husband and I started a Podcast on how to Full-Time RV With Kids. I also wrote a book called Full-Time RVing With Kids: An Insider’s Guide To Life On The Road. I have created courses, done business coaching, started multiple masterminds, and sold digital products.

We live in a unique time when there are so many opportunities in the online world, and I can’t wait to help you figure out what yours is and get your business up and running and making you money!



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